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Using colour effectively to create a winning leaflet design | 2/2/2011


Colour is often an ignored factor when creating any sort of marketing campaign or setting up a new brand. Different colours can have different effects on us. This is often unconsciously as we often do not realise this. Because colours can encourage different feelings within u read more...

Collaborative Marketing and Leaflets | 1/25/2011



Have you heard the way consumers shop has been changing with the advent of the internet?

How can the way we shop, which has been greatly influenced by the internet be utilised to increase your response rates of your leaflets?



Using Strategic Ventures to Increase your Leaflet Distribution Response Rates | 1/15/2011



Using strategic ventures in your leaflet distribution campaign is an excellent way to reach new consumers using your existing marketing mediums.

What is a strategic venture? This is when two or more companies join together in their marketing campa read more...

Using Leaflets To Improve Your Listening Skills | 1/13/2011


Leaflets are a great way of listening to your customers. A leaflet can tell you so many things about your business and provide great feedback. A leaflet is also a great way to find out about other businesses and what are important to them.

What it provides is valua

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