Leaflet Distribution Quote Directory The Leaflet Distribution Quote Directory is now offering the service of advertising for both companies who require leaflet distribution quotes and for companies who offer leaflet delivery services via this portal. http://leafletdistributionquote.com/ Leaflet Distribution Quote Directory Copyright Using colour effectively to create a winning leaflet design   Colour is often an ignored factor when creating any sort of marketing campaign or setting up a new brand. Different colours can have different effects on us. This is often unconsciously as we often do not realise this. Because colours can encourage different feelings within us, it is an effective way to get your message across in your leaflet design.   Let’s have a look at some colours   Yellow – this is a colour that stands out from the crowd and grabs attention. Fun, youthful, frivolous, optimistic, warning.   Blue – this colour is a great calming colour. Calm, trustworthy, enduring, reliable, loyal, dignified, authorative and cool.   Green – Another calming colour, It can indicate money, jealousy, luck environmental, abundant, safety, cool, nature and politics.   Pink – A great colour used by the financial times. Business oriented, suppresses appetite, Innocent, feminine, secure and fragile.   Brown – This colour has been used by UPS. It can be seen as dependable, neutral, reliable, meditative, sad and genuine.   Purple – This colour indicates leadership, spiritual, dignified and royal.   Red – Passionate, speed, power, sex, danger, competitive, hot, aggressive, impulse buying and stimulating appetite.   Orange – Modern, energetic, fun, passionate, stimulates appetite, youthful and modern.   White – This colour can indicate the following; Youthful, clean, empty, light, sterile, pure, virginal mild.   Black – This colour has been used in many luxorisous products. This is due to the colour can indicate, elegance, seductive, dependable, timeless, mysterious sophistication, elegance.   Silver – This colour one of only two metallic colours in our list. This can be scientific, cold technical and prestigious.   Gold = a colour that indicates expensive, quality, luxury, lavish and prestigious.   Your choice of colours in your leaflets can send out mixed messages. Choose your colours carefully to make the most of the message in your leaflet. Decide what colours will fit in well with your product or service and marketing message.   When designing your leaflet for your leaflet distribution, think about the colours that you need to use to get your message across. I know using full colour is more expensive that using one or two colours but it can be something as simple as using the right shade of colour for the paper that you are going to have as your leaflet. http://leafletdistributionquote.com//newsFull.php?id=39 2011-02-01 19:03:47 Collaborative Marketing and Leaflets     Have you heard the way consumers shop has been changing with the advent of the internet? How can the way we shop, which has been greatly influenced by the internet be utilised to increase your response rates of your leaflets?   Have you heard of the term collaborative marketing? This is the basically the principle we are more likely to buy something we are attached to.   In the current age, technology is enabling trust between strangers, enabling you to trust reviews of other internet users for products, or even swap things with other people using the internet.   The internet has changed over the last few years as more and more social media sites are becoming popular enabling people who do not normally use the internet to start surfing. But what they are bringing with them is a different way to surf, which is also changing consumer trends in how they buy products.   I think the term is sharing. There is a sharing nature with all of the social media sites, the two more popular being Facebook and Twitter. We want people to know what we like and dislike. This even means the products that we recommend and surfers are continually utilising this form of marketing to get out the message about their products.   Not only are social media sites are being used. Have you noticed the number of review sites out there reviewing the latest products? It seems we all want to share our opinions on the latest products.   But this is not a new form of marketing; it is basically word of mouth marketing on a bigger scale, to a bigger audience.   What is different is the sharing nature of collaborative marketing. It is a 2 way process, not just the business marketing their product or the consumer, giving their opinion to other consumers. The internet is enabling 2 way dialogues between mass consumers and the businesses.   Now you may think leaflets and this form of marketing is not compatible and leaflets cannot use collaborative marketing. Below are some of the techniques you can incorporate into your leaflets   Testimonials Using testimonials is a great proven way to enable trust between a business and a potential consumer as it can demonstrate a proven track record to customer satisfaction.   Building your leaflet around a customer service survey If you have had excellent results in a recent customer service survey, this can become your call to action your benefit or headline on your leaflet. You as a business are showing customers that you care about their opinions.   Reply slips Using reply slips on your leaflets is an excellent way to build a dialogue between you and your customer. Giving a promotional discount for everyone that fills in the reply slip can be a great incentive to get the reply slips back. This is a two-fold benefit as you get customer feedback and improve sales through your offer.   As you can see, collaborative marketing can be used in leaflet marketing, as it can take advantage of today’s consumers who prefer their marketing not to be totally passive. http://leafletdistributionquote.com//newsFull.php?id=38 2011-01-24 18:16:26 Using Strategic Ventures to Increase your Leaflet Distribution Response Rates     Using strategic ventures in your leaflet distribution campaign is an excellent way to reach new consumers using your existing marketing mediums. What is a strategic venture? This is when two or more companies join together in their marketing campaigns to market complementary products. This technique is not new in the world of marketing, Disney and Mcdonalds have had a relationship for years. But this can be used in your leaflet campaign to offer more than one service/product that would be of benefit to your customers. The most obvious way to do this is to offer a two sided leaflet. Where there is two offers from two different companies offering completely separate offers. The only thing connecting the promotion is the paper it is printed on. I personally believe this is not a good idea. This can come across as a cheap way to market your products or services. This can also divide attention of your promotion and so less time is spent on your brand awareness campaign or your special offer. A better way to market a joint or strategic venture is to co-promote on the same leaflet, make your product/service the primary focus of the leaflet, giving the customer a benefit to a possible problem and using your partner’s product/service to give a secondary benefit. This can increase the response rate of your leaflet further as customers can often perceive that they are getting added value. This can also be an extra revenue stream for your business, as you can get a commission or enter into an agreement for advertising your partners offer. A Joint Venture or partnership is an excellent to get the most out of your leaflet distribution campaign and is a potent weapon to use in your marketing campaign. If you thinking about creative ways to increase your leaflet distribution response rates, try  to make partnerships with businesses that either complement your products/services or you feel may be of benefit to your customers. http://leafletdistributionquote.com//newsFull.php?id=37 2011-01-14 17:38:10 Using Leaflets To Improve Your Listening Skills   Leaflets are a great way of listening to your customers. A leaflet can tell you so many things about your business and provide great feedback. A leaflet is also a great way to find out about other businesses and what are important to them. What it provides is valuable feedback on your promotions, your pricing and the marketing campaign itself. Of course there are a number of factors that can affect your campaign it can give great insight in what is working and what is not? Having a reply mechanism is a great listening tool enable you to listen more effectively to your leaflet regarding you’re customers and their preferred choices. Leaving a reply slip with some carefully selected questions with an opportunity to win a product or service you provide is a great opportunity to learn more about the your customers and their buying habits. As well being an excellent marketing technique, showing potential customers you value their opinions. Even if a campaign is not successful in bringing in the results you want, you can canvass individuals as to why they feel it is not working. It is also an opportunity to dismiss an offer or leaflet design as you know it does not work. A leaflet distribution campaign that does not get the results you want can also demonstrate the marketing strategies that need to be adapted, as this feedback is essential to the success of your business. Leaflets can tell you a lot about a business. A poorly designed leaflet on cheap paper can say “we don’t care about our marketing or our customers as we are not willing to invest” However a leaflet that is well designed, shows professionalism and a willingness to invest in both its customers and it marketing. Always take note of competitors marketing as it can speak volumes for the way they do their business. http://leafletdistributionquote.com//newsFull.php?id=36 2011-01-12 17:56:20 Can You Be Different In Your Leaflet Distribution Campaign?     When marketing your business, it really does pay to be different. The simple answer is yes. If you want your leaflet distribution to be successful with very high response rates, think about how you can make it different. Maybe you could try a different size to the standard leaflet sizes (A6, A5). It could be a completely different shape to the ‘normal’ leaflets out there. What about a different type of paper? This will enable your leaflet to stand out and when people pick up the leaflet it will feel different, so it will get more attention. It is not hard to be different with your leaflet distribution campaign. Other things you can use to impact your leaflet distribution can include the design of the leaflet, making it stand out and can be a lot different to others that are used in your industry. The marketing message that is on the leaflet can be different as well. Think about the impact the product or service will have on a potential customer. What sort of benefits will this give a potential customer? A series of leaflets, loosely telling a story or even using comedy to get your message across are two great examples of ways of being different in your leaflet marketing. It is very easy to try and not stand out and disappear into a crowd, but to be successful when marketing your business using leaflets, it pays to be different and stand out from everyone else. This is a great way to get a word of mouth campaign started. You will have everyone talking about your campaign, which is great news for your business. Now marketing does not have to be expensive and the most effective marketing methods, like leaflet distribution can be both cost effective and very creative.  So this in turn can create a leaflet distribution that stands out from the crowd. http://leafletdistributionquote.com//newsFull.php?id=35 2011-01-10 08:04:22 What 4 letter word can increase your Leaflet Distribution Response Rates?     There is a magic word that can greatly enhance your chances of your leaflet succeeding and get you better response rates. What will this mean to your business? Better brand recognition? More Sales? Obviously, nothing will guarantee you sales or better brand recognition. But what will increase the number of responses you get from your leaflets? What is the one thing all consumers want, even if they don’t need it? Something that is Free. Yes, if you put the magic word FREE on your leaflet, this will greatly enhance the chances of your leaflet being read, instead of being scanned for two seconds and then binned. And if your leaflet has a better chance of being read, it has a better chance of getting a response from the potential customers. Now all of us like to receive things for free. So when we see the magic word FREE, we will always sit up and pay attention for freebies. This word will guarantee your marketing materials get more attention. Think about some of the more successful marketing campaigns particular from new businesses that are trying to establish their brand. What do they all have in common, they all are offering something for free. Try doing a search on Google for internet marketing, and what do you find, giving out free content is what is hooking in potential customers to their paid products. Now I know this article is not about Internet marketing but the principle is the same. The four letter word FREE is more of a hook to lure in customers for the other products or services that you offer. Now you could give away free samples of your products, or a free trial of your service, or give away a free service or even set up a special service for this promotion. But always try and get something in return, their address details to send further mailings to, or a telephone number to call about future products or services, or even their preferences in the form of a survey so you get the best responses and know where to shape your business for the future. One of the most powerful ways to benefit from your FREE promotion is to offer money off coupons or vouchers you can make sure they come back for more. Sometimes your product or service will not lend itself very well to  a giveaway so what you could do is print your logo and contact details on pens, mugs, key rings and give these items away free as a form of brand building. Make sure your leaflet as a strong call to action with a strong primary benefit your product or service offers the customer, this in conjunction with the FREE wording on your leaflet will increase response rates immensely. http://leafletdistributionquote.com//newsFull.php?id=34 2011-01-07 11:28:59 Is Cheap Really Cost Effective For A Leaflet Distribution?       When deciding on a leaflet distribution and choosing the right leaflet distributor, the cheapest is not always the best option or the most cost effective.   There are a number of different types of leaflet distribution, Shared distribution, where your leaflet can be delivered with three or four non-competing leaflets and Solus distribution where your leaflet is delivered by itself. I would recommend Solus distribution as this has constantly proven to be the most effective when it comes to getting the best response rate from your leaflet.   Now using Solus distribution as an example if a leaflet distribution company charges £40 per 1000 leaflets for a Solus Distribution and we say it will take roughly 7 hours to deliver a thousand leaflets (this can vary depending on the types of properties and areas being delivered to) this is roughly £5.71 per hour for the person delivering the leaflets and that is provided the leaflet distribution company owner is delivering the leaflets themselves and not hired someone to do it.   Now for that charge for Solus distribution, it is already a low hourly rate for the leaflet distributor and will be a lot lower if they hire someone else to distribute the leaflets (which is what normally happens). This means potentially someone will be paid £3 an hour to deliver those leaflets, the likely outcome here is that the leaflets will end up in the litter bins, causing no response from the leaflets and more leaflets to be printed.   So as you can see going for the cheapest leaflet distribution is not always the most cost effective or reliable way to get your leaflets delivered. Now I don’t suggest paying too much for your leaflet distribution but when researching leaflet distribution companies, always ask for testimonials and who will be doing the distribution work. Don’t forget to take account of how much they are charging for the distribution as well. This will give you a better idea where the costs are involved and if you feel they will offer a good reliable service without paying too little or much for the leaflet distribution.   http://leafletdistributionquote.com//newsFull.php?id=33 2011-01-05 09:51:02 Use an existing event to create a great leaflet marketing campaign         Some of the most successful marketing campaigns that have utilized existing events to market their products or services further for example using an event such as Valentine’s Day can be a great way to create interest in your product or service. Attaching your product/service to an event such as this is proven to increase sales.   What could make your product/service sell even more would be to attach a promotion to an event that is not well established, unlike events such as Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day. You could design a promotion around the birthday of a very famous person. For a local promotion you could design a marketing campaign around the local sports team famous victories.   Your leaflet distribution campaign could be centred on this special event, creating more interest in your product or service as you are taking peoples interest in the special event to your advantage. Marketing in this way is an excellent way to increase revenue. Leaflet distribution is excellent for this type of marketing leaflets can be produced quickly and sent out to a mass market to promote your event. Changes can easily be made to your leaflet distribution campaigns easily as leaflets are a cost effective flexible way to market your business. This means if there are changes you want to make to your event related promotion this can be done easily, or leaflets can provide more than one way of marketing an event, with different leaflet designs and sales copy.   Using multi-channel marketing techniques will greatly enhance your event marketing campaign even further. Marketing online, via newspaper adverts, on the radio and leaflets are just a few methods. These are all great way to get your marketing message across and each method of marketing will enhance the results obtained from the other methods. There is one proviso that I must mention, when using a multi-channel approach, do not use too many different types of marketing methods. Only use two or possibly three types of marketing methods. The marketing methods must compliment each other. If providing an online campaign, mention leaflets will be sent out with a special offer. As leaflets are especially a cost effective form of marketing, it can supplement any marketing campaign effectively.   p>   http://leafletdistributionquote.com//newsFull.php?id=32 2011-01-03 08:58:44 Back Checking Your Leaflet Distribution Campaign         Back checking is a way to ensure all leaflets that have been delivered are fully checked to ensure the leaflet distribution has taken place. This provides the customer with piece of mind that the leaflets have been distribution correctly.   Back checking is important to ensure all leaflets have been delivered as there are a number of reasons why leaflets are not being delivered.   When delivering leaflets, you cannot expect leaflets to be delivered to 100% of all homes in an area. This is due to the following reasons –   No access – Gates can be locked, or they may not be any other access to post a leaflet.   Dogs in gardens – Some households keep dogs in the garden as a security measure preventing unauthorised access to their homes.   Signs requesting no deliveries – There are some households who do not like free newspapers or leaflets delivered through their door.   Areas considered not safe to deliver in – There can be certain postcodes within an area that are not considered safe, have a high crime rate, or is a deprived poor area where they can be more risk when travelling alone.   Dis-honest delivery agents – There are delivery agents who deliver leaflets for distribution companies who don’t actually deliver leaflets. These are few in the industry, but having back checking facilities ensures all leaflets are delivered by the right people.     Back checking options   There are a number of options to check a leaflet distribution   Sign for leaflets Best way to certify delivering of leaflets, is to give a signature from each household that is delivered to. This could cost £1 to £2 per leaflet and work out to be too expensive.   Confirming deliveries via telephone or face to face. Back checking can be done via the leaflet distribution companies themselves or they can employ an independent back checking company to provide this service. When back-checking via telephone or face to face, this must be done on the day the leaflet is delivered. The answers given can depend on the type of question, who answers the door. How long after the distribution the back checking is taking place.   GPS GPS systems can now be used to pinpoint which areas, distributors are delivering to.   Reliable Delivery Agents Probably the best way to ensure all leaflets are being delivered is to use a company that does not always outsource their leaflet distribution work. It ensures your leaflets are being delivered as only experienced delivery agents are delivering the leaflets. This ensures a full report is provide, including any properties are have not been delivered to.   Back checking is the responsibility of the leaflet distribution company but rather than using the methods listed. Companies can provide trusted distributors who provide updates of where and when they leaflets have been delivered.     http://leafletdistributionquote.com//newsFull.php?id=31 2010-12-29 13:44:50 Leaflet Distribution and GPS         What does Leaflet distribution and GPS have to do with each other. Well GPS is one of the reasons that each leaflet distribution campaigns are a successful marketing method. What is GPS? Well GPS is simply Global Positioning System; it is a global satellite navigation system that provides location and time information anywhere in the world. There are a number of uses for GPS, the main use that everyone knows about GPS is your in car navigation system to give you directions to get from one place to another. Leaflet distribution can benefit from GPS as it gives a track able way of finding out where a delivery is at any point in time. This information can be can updated at any time and customers can be given real time information regarding their leaflet distribution campaign. GPS also enables the leaflet distribution companies, can then back check them in the particular area that has just been delivered once their clients’ leaflets are delivered. This gives the advantage that all deliveries can be checked immediately. If any issues are occurring during the campaign, this information can both be relayed back to the client and utilised by the leaflet distributor immediately.  Leaflet distribution is already considered a flexible marketing method but using GPS technology makes it even more flexible as getting updates on the leaflet distribution and any potential issues means these can be address immediately. There can also be potential issues with the distributors who are delivering the leaflets; another advantage is that they can be tracked so leaflet distribution companies ensure all leaflets are being delivered. GPS is an excellent tool for leaflet distribution companies, to ensure both your leaflets are delivered and you receive regular regarding your distribution.  Not all leaflet distributors use GPS technology, but any reputable distributors will ensure all your leaflets are delivered successfully. However leaflet distributors who use GPS ensure you get a faster response to queries regarding your distribution campaign. http://leafletdistributionquote.com//newsFull.php?id=30 2010-12-05 19:52:26