Using colour effectively to create a winning leaflet design | 2/2/2011

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Colour is often an ignored factor when creating any sort of marketing campaign or setting up a new brand. Different colours can have different effects on us. This is often unconsciously as we often do not realise this. Because colours can encourage different feelings within us, it is an effective way to get your message across in your leaflet design.


Let’s have a look at some colours


Yellow – this is a colour that stands out from the crowd and grabs attention. Fun, youthful, frivolous, optimistic, warning.


Blue – this colour is a great calming colour. Calm, trustworthy, enduring, reliable, loyal, dignified, authorative and cool.


Green – Another calming colour, It can indicate money, jealousy, luck environmental, abundant, safety, cool, nature and politics.


Pink – A great colour used by the financial times. Business oriented, suppresses appetite, Innocent, feminine, secure and fragile.


Brown – This colour has been used by UPS. It can be seen as dependable, neutral, reliable, meditative, sad and genuine.


Purple – This colour indicates leadership, spiritual, dignified and royal.


Red – Passionate, speed, power, sex, danger, competitive, hot, aggressive, impulse buying and stimulating appetite.


Orange – Modern, energetic, fun, passionate, stimulates appetite, youthful and modern.


White – This colour can indicate the following; Youthful, clean, empty, light, sterile, pure, virginal mild.


Black – This colour has been used in many luxorisous products. This is due to the colour can indicate, elegance, seductive, dependable, timeless, mysterious sophistication, elegance.


Silver – This colour one of only two metallic colours in our list. This can be scientific, cold technical and prestigious.


Gold = a colour that indicates expensive, quality, luxury, lavish and prestigious.


Your choice of colours in your leaflets can send out mixed messages. Choose your colours carefully to make the most of the message in your leaflet. Decide what colours will fit in well with your product or service and marketing message.


When designing your leaflet for your leaflet distribution, think about the colours that you need to use to get your message across. I know using full colour is more expensive that using one or two colours but it can be something as simple as using the right shade of colour for the paper that you are going to have as your leaflet.

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