Collaborative Marketing and Leaflets | 1/25/2011

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Have you heard the way consumers shop has been changing with the advent of the internet?

How can the way we shop, which has been greatly influenced by the internet be utilised to increase your response rates of your leaflets?


Have you heard of the term collaborative marketing? This is the basically the principle we are more likely to buy something we are attached to.


In the current age, technology is enabling trust between strangers, enabling you to trust reviews of other internet users for products, or even swap things with other people using the internet.


The internet has changed over the last few years as more and more social media sites are becoming popular enabling people who do not normally use the internet to start surfing. But what they are bringing with them is a different way to surf, which is also changing consumer trends in how they buy products.


I think the term is sharing. There is a sharing nature with all of the social media sites, the two more popular being Facebook and Twitter. We want people to know what we like and dislike. This even means the products that we recommend and surfers are continually utilising this form of marketing to get out the message about their products.


Not only are social media sites are being used. Have you noticed the number of review sites out there reviewing the latest products? It seems we all want to share our opinions on the latest products.


But this is not a new form of marketing; it is basically word of mouth marketing on a bigger scale, to a bigger audience.


What is different is the sharing nature of collaborative marketing. It is a 2 way process, not just the business marketing their product or the consumer, giving their opinion to other consumers. The internet is enabling 2 way dialogues between mass consumers and the businesses.


Now you may think leaflets and this form of marketing is not compatible and leaflets cannot use collaborative marketing.

Below are some of the techniques you can incorporate into your leaflets



Using testimonials is a great proven way to enable trust between a business and a potential consumer as it can demonstrate a proven track record to customer satisfaction.


Building your leaflet around a customer service survey

If you have had excellent results in a recent customer service survey, this can become your call to action your benefit or headline on your leaflet. You as a business are showing customers that you care about their opinions.


Reply slips

Using reply slips on your leaflets is an excellent way to build a dialogue between you and your customer. Giving a promotional discount for everyone that fills in the reply slip can be a great incentive to get the reply slips back. This is a two-fold benefit as you get customer feedback and improve sales through your offer.


As you can see, collaborative marketing can be used in leaflet marketing, as it can take advantage of today’s consumers who prefer their marketing not to be totally passive.

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